Brodal Boran Gym owner meets Kun Khmer legend

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The legend of Ban begins with a 14-year-old running home from school. He stops to watch men practicing and asks to try. "They said, 'Oh, no, you too small,'" Ban recalls. "I said, 'No, I want to try.'" As is tradition in Cambodia, Ban's initial fight training was free. After two days of training, Ban declared he was ready to spar with experienced fighters. On the third day, the trainers let him learn his lesson. An experienced fighter beat the youngster around the ring, busting up his nose, lips and eye. But Ban came back to the gym the next day, and the next. It would become emblematic of his fighting style - always coming forward, always pressing the action. At 16, Ban fought his first bout, taking on a dockworker who was in his 30s. Again he was beaten around the ring until his handlers threw in the towel. "Oh, I break everything," Ban says with a laugh. "Then I quit." Several days later, the master at Ban's gym visited. "He says 'You come back, you be a champion,'" Ban says. Ban struggled in his second fight, but "then I win, win, win. Win all the time." Fighting at least once a month and often weekly, even two or three days back-to-back, Ban blossomed. In 1964, he won his first national title at 61 kilograms, or 135 pounds. According to his recollection, which Ban admits isn't perfect, between 1962 and 1975 he fought 309 times with a 278-31 record and 200 knockouts. His secret was his inside technique, which earned him nicknames such as "The Atomic Knee." "My knee was so fast. I surprised myself," Ban says. "I got famous, like Mike Tyson. I beat all Cambodian fighters."

Malaria Diagnostics Market Growth, Trends and Forecast up to 2024

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malaria was reported worldwide in 2012. The same year malaria resulted in approximately 627,000 deaths around the world. In order to curb the spread of malaria governments, especially in underdeveloped and developing countries, are leaving no stone unturned. Advanced diagnosis for malaria detection is thus encouraged. Incentives are offered as well to make them available at a pocket-friendly or nominal price in people living across remote regions.

Early and precise diagnosis can help in the treatment of malaria and ensure rapid discovery. The Malaria Diagnostics Market has therefore witnessed rise in investments in various diagnostic techniques. These involve the detection of malaria with the help of microscopy and blood tests. Malaria diagnosis is conducted using various techniques such as molecular diagnostics, rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs), and by detecting the presence of parasites using microscopy.

The report provides a comprehensive overview of the global malaria diagnostics market covering growth drivers and restraints influencing its trajectory between 2013 and 2019. It segments the market based on various parameters and studies the factors influencing its growth across these segments. The report also studies the effect of Porter’s five forces on the overall market operations.

Global Malaria Diagnostics Market: Trends and Opportunities

The advent of advanced technologies has revolutionized malaria diagnosis and are high in demand. These tests have proven successful in detecting antigens of malaria parasites. As government funding for the healthcare industry rise, coupled with the increasing investment in research and development of novel therapeutics, the demand in the malaria diagnostics market is projected to rise in response.

Some of the most common techniques used in the detection of malaria are QBC technique, peripheral blood smears, and serological tests. Besides this, drugs most commonly administered for the treatment of malaria are artemether-lumefantrine (Coartem), atovaquone-proguanil (Malarone), clindamycin used in combination with quinine, chloroquine, quinine, mefloquine (Lariam), and quinidine. Factors influencing the demand of these drug classes are analyzed as well. The report also studies the impact of the looming patent expiry of blockbuster drugs on the global malaria diagnostics market. On the flip side, technological complications present in a few of the commonly used diagnostic methods could restrain the market’s expansion to an extent.

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Global Malaria Diagnostics Market: Regional Outlook

Regionally, Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and Rest of the World constitute the key segments in the global malaria diagnostics market. Among these, the market is expected to witness exponentially high demand in Europe and Asia Pacific as these regions exhibit a high prevalence of malaria. Besides this, steps taken by government to spread awareness regarding the diseases, its treatment, and prevention are expected to give the malaria diagnostics market significant impetus. This scenario will be most prevalent across emerging nations in Asia Pacific and Rest of the World. For instance, the Indian government has been significantly investing in creating awareness about the prevention and cure of malaria. The country is also exhibiting rising healthcare expenditure. These factors are expected to create lucrative opportunities fo9r the malaria diagnostics market in Asia Pacific.

Global Malaria Diagnostics Market: Vendor Landscape

Some of the leading companies operating in the global malaria diagnostics market are bioMerieux, Beckman Coulter/Danaher, Abbott Laboratories, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., Novartis Diagnostics, Life Technology, Siemens Healthcare, Bio-Rad, Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, and Wako ChemicalsComputer Technology Articles, Inc.

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Key Challenges In Enterprise Mobile App Development

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Key Challenges In Enterprise Mobile App Development

Enterprise mobile applications improve operational efficiency by eliminating time and place constraints for employees. Launching a mobile application is a major challenge nonetheless. This article discusses the key challenges, and one simple way to make applications development less difficult.

Enterprise mobile applications help in breaking intra-organizational silos and facilitating operational collaboration. They also enhance employee efficiency by eliminating the time constraints and occupancy inefficiency. Additionally, they are equally effective in improving customer relationship by delivering a personalized experience. It is no surprise then that enterprise mobile app development is a booming industry today.

While there is a rising demand for enterprise mobile apps, launching one involves overcoming a number of challenges. If you are contemplating on embarking on a mobile enterprise app development journey, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the associated hurdles. Below are the key challenges in enterprise mobile app development, and the easiest means to tackle these hindrances.

Departmental Silos

Enterprise mobile applications must define their required specifications. An organization can have several disparate business units. If the application is to be used by two or more teams, then specifying the expectations can be more troublesome than most developers or agencies predict.

The communication and engagement between different operations teams are only superficial in most cases. This makes it very difficult to come up with a comprehensive statement of requirements.

Even in case of an SMB with only one or two departments, the issue of collaboration with developers persists. Operations teams specify the requirements and expect the application to be in line with their demands. But it needs to be mentioned here that developers tend to completely design the application before validating. The inconsistent communication between the development and the operations teams impacts the planning process.

Resource Crisis

The second hurdle emerges immediately after setting the requirement specifications. Although the application development industry is pumping on all cylinders, the demand-supply gap has only been building up. This is primarily because the mobile application development platform is a fairly young industry compared to traditional software development. Moreover, the mobile technology is a constantly evolving landscape where disruptive innovations are more frequent than any other sector. Developers possessing the right skill-set and the desired level of expertise are, therefore, scarce.

While resource acquisition is difficult, upgrading the internal staff capability may seem like a viable solution to the crisis. It is indeed a potential solution but requires heavy investment at times for upskilling. For SMBs, it may be too ambitious a strategy to implement.

Mobile OS

iOS is often claimed to be the preferred mobile OS for enterprise applications. But statistics show Android leading market-shares by a huge margin. Android and iOS are followed by Windows. Developing native versions of your application for each of these platforms is the ideal step. Leaving out any of these OS (Operating Systems) can lead to a negative business impact. This is especially true for small and mid-sized firms who heavily depend on certain apps to capture buyers’ attention and tracking the change in their behavior.

Cross-platform enterprise mobile apps are the most feasible and practical option. That being said, ensuring that the application is compliant with the guidelines of these OS requires having expert cross-platform developers around.

Application Type

One of the most crucial decisions in the pre-development phase is the nature of the app— native, web-based or hybrid. Native applications are specific to a particular mobile OS and equipped with optimized features. Web applications, on the other hand, run on a browser. The choice between the two types depends upon the business requirement of the organization. If stakeholders are expected to collaborate or share data in real time, web capabilities become necessary. On the contrary, web applications do not support offline access.

Adopting a hybrid approach includes the best of both worlds. Though not as powerful as a native application, it allows uninterrupted utilization.

Unique UI/UX

User-interface (UI) and user-experience (UX) are the driving forces behind the success of enterprise mobile apps, irrespective of the app being customer-centric or employee-centric. If the enterprise application is meant for the customers, unappealing interface and non-intuitive functionality can spell doom for it. In case of internal use, bad interface and confusing features can result in a decline in productivity.

Mobile App Security

Most enterprise mobile apps access the organization database to carry out the desired function. This coupled with the mass accessibility makes the application’s security a major concern for business heads. The gravity of data privacy has further heightened with the rise of enterprise mobility and BYOD.

Security threats further include hacking and malware attacks. With an average of more than 200 thousand data breaches every hour, developers must consider incorporating necessary advanced security features into their enterprise applications.

Owing to the rising frequency of cyber-attacks, governments all over the world have also adopted stringent regulatory methods and policies. Maintaining compliance with standards of your industry is a necessity. Failing to do so may result in reputational damage and loss of business opportunities.

System Integration and Scalability

An enterprise IT infrastructure is typically a mix of both modern innovations and legacy systems. The launch of a mobile application is intended to complement this existing infrastructure. To ensure that, it needs to integrate seamlessly with both the legacy and modern components of the enterprise IT. Delivering consistent functionality is, therefore, an important objective in enterprise mobile app development.

Scalability of the enterprise mobile apps is an equally critical aspect amidst changing customer preferences, evolving industry dynamics, and frequent technological disruptions. A scalable mobile application is one that is not vulnerable to obsolescence due to the changes that impact an organization’s business.

There is a Solution

The simplest way to conquer the challenges is to leverage an advanced mobile application development platform (MADP). A MADP is basically an ‘all in one’ platform required to build or modify mobile applications. There are quite a few companies that offer MADP as a solution. As it is going to be a long-term investment, the selection must be made after thorough evaluation of the platforms.

Keeping in mind the demand for quick delivery, it is safe to say that HokuApps’ MADP is the best choice for enterprise mobile app development. It supports all the three mobile OS, facilitates effortless integration and scaling, and incorporates industry-best security features. The platform comes with cutting-edge designing tools that deliver visually stunning UI/UX, optimized for minimum power consumption. HokuApps’ MADP is a low-code environment that allows up to 10 times faster application development. The platform is equally effective for both SMBs and large corporations. The key differentiator of this platform is the post-deployment support for the applications built.

While the challenges in the enterprise mobile app development cannot be eradicatedFeature Articles, the platform certainly makes lives lot easier for developers with its top-notch tools and expertise.

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Discover the Educational Opportunities at CERN

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Discover the Educational Opportunities at CERN

See science in action at the particle research centre, CERN, the ultimate of all educational visits for students of physics, computing or engineering.

Educational visits for science students don’t come more inspirational than a trip to the European Organisation for Nuclear Research at CERN in Switzerland. The centre’s use of scientific instruments – including the massive particle accelerators and detectors – literally bring science off the pages of a text book and into the real world. Students on a trip to CERN can watch cutting-edge scientific exploration and experimentation create results in front of their eyes.

CERN for Physics Students

From the search for ‘dark matter’ to studying how particles interact, the institute is at the very cutting-edge of physics, illustrating to your students just how far their studies can go. Your pupils will get the chance to see the site of the Large Hadron Collider (the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator). The tour guides at the centre will explain how making particles collide together at high speed is helping us to answer the most fundamental questions of physics: why isn’t there a balance of matter and antimatter in the universe, what holds galaxies together, and what can the Higgs boson tell us about particle mass?

CERN for Computing Students

Educational visits to CERN aren’t all about particles; it’s also the birthplace of the World Wide Web. It was while he was based at the institute in 1989 that British scientist Tim Berners-Lee created the web in order to facilitate the sharing of information between scientific institutes around the world. Berners-Lee, in fact, created the very first web page, dedicated (appropriately enough) to introducing the world to the World Wide Web, at CERN. In April 1993 CERN put the World Wide Web software in the public domain with an open licence, a browser and a library of code, to allow others to expand this fledgling project.

Guided Tours

The institute is always keen to share its exciting developments and discoveries with students from around the world, playing host to thousands of educational visits each year. The laboratory offers three-hour tours to students with emphasis on elements pre-arranged with teachers to cover any specific subject areas, and include visits to viewing points of ground-level experiments.

Get Students Involved

As well as the tour students can visit the new S’Cool LAB, a Physics Education Research facility where your pupils will have the opportunity to take part in particle physics experiments for actual research projects. The institute will encourage students to make their own discoveries, as well as giving them the confidence to work scientifically and to interact with members of the scientific community.

A visit to CERN could be just what your pupils need to encourage them to make the connection between an interest in the classroom and the world of scientific discovery open to them if they continue their studies. Contact a specialist educational travel tour operator and they will organise all the detailsBusiness Management Articles, tour requests and accommodation requirements so that you can concentrate on inspiring your class to become the next generation of CERN scientists.

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Get in Shape for Soccer Doing These Exercises

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Get in Shape for Soccer Doing These Exercises

Soccer, although has always been very popular in other parts of the world, is increasing in its popularity here in the United States. As we all know soccer requires a person to be in tremendous physical shape because a player is constantly running.

Unlike football or other sports in which there is a lot of stop and go soccer has very little to no downtime during game time so an athlete has to be in great physical condition. Running isn’t the only way that a person should get in shape when wanting to play competitively. There are many strength training exercises that are just as important to help with the endurance an athlete will need to play this sport.

These exercises are not only important for FIFA or MLS (Major League Soccer) players but for any player wanting to compete in this sport. It doesn’t matter if you are in a league, school team or traveling team, being in shape will only make you a more successful and competitive player. Make sure while you are getting in shape you wear apparel that will breathe such as apparel that is made with moisture wicking material. Wearing apparel with moisture wicking helps pull the sweat away from your body which will help keep the temperature of your body down which results in being able to work out for longer periods of time. You also don’t end up with a gross, wet t-shirt sticking to your body when you are done with your routine. You can purchase a moisture wicking shirt from pretty much any apparel store and even an online vendor. If you really want to feel motivated while you are getting in shape you could even get a sublimated shirt that will look pretty cool and when you feel like you look cool it gives you the confidence to push through the tough workouts. You could even get your entire team to invest in some sublimated shirts so while you are all practicing you can all look united as a team.

Make sure before you being any exercise regime that you warm up for at least five or ten minutes before starting so you can get your heart rate up. You should spend the five or ten minutes with doing light jogging and stretches. Once you spend five to ten minutes doing light jogging and stretching and you feel you have gotten your heart rate up you can begin your 30 minute warm up by loosening up and doing some strengthening of your lower body and some balance exercises. These would include things such as squats, straight leg walking with band around your ankles, single leg toe touches, jump backwards, sideways and forward and you can do single leg hops.

The most obvious of exercise would be cardio. Make sure you are not straining your muscles while you are doing your cardio. It is important to take long steps and make sure you get your heart rate to about 70 to 80 percent of your maximum heart rate. Running doesn’t just mean running on a treadmill or running for miles. You can run an obstacle course. This will not only build your cardio endurance but it will build your agility while working your abs. A type of obstacle course that would be beneficial for training for soccer would be to set up six to 10 cones five to ten yard apart making sure they are parallel. Start at the first set of cones and using shortBusiness Management Articles, quick steps move to the second cone. Stop very suddenly and jog backward to the first set of cones. Then jog forward to the third set of cones and then jog backwards to the second set. Continue to do this in a two cone forward one cone backward session until you have reached the last set of cones. Two times is what is recommended to do this exercise in a session.

Doing plyometrics training is just as important and beneficial as doing cardio. When you build muscle it helps you to run faster and gives you better endurance. One great exercise for plyometric power is to take a sturdy box that is about one to two feet high (you can increase this as you increase you power) and with your feet together and swinging your arms to give you more momentum jump up on and off the box ten times in a row. You can switch sides and jump from the other side as well. You can even increase the height and jump over the box if you want to add something new.

Combining plyometrics and running in intervals is a very good cardio and strength training exercise all in one. You can start by running in slow motion (think Chariots of Fire) and then leaping for a length of ten to twenty feet when you land bend your knees and jump as high as you can. Then you can jog slowly for about five to ten minutes and then run as fast as you can the length of the soccer field. Continue doing this for about thirty minutes.

Of course there are probably other exercises you can do to help you get in shape for soccer but these three exercises will give you the maximum benefit of both strength and cardio which are two aspects that are critical in being able to be effective during a game. If you do these exercises you will probably surprise not just yourself but your coach and other teammates with your endurance. An added benefit is you will probably get more playing time because you won’t be the one needing to come off the field for a rest.

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VPS and Private Cloud Solutions in New Jersey- What should you choose?

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VPS and Private Cloud Solutions in New Jersey- What should you choose?

Cloud computing has become a very familiar term to the business world. While talking about the Cloud technologies, most of the business owners relate another term- Virtual Private Server

They believe that private cloud and VPS have no difference between them. The truth is that they may not be considered as the interchangeable terms. Though there is a very slight difference, you have to know how these two options are helpful to your business. However, for both virtual servers and Cloud Solutions in New Jersey, you may rely on professionals.

Private Cloud and VPS- Know about their details-

Virtual Private Server is also called as VDS or VPS, and you have to install it on your PC, which deals with more than one website. However, only one computer system has the chance to host a number of virtual servers. To install the VPS rightly, you can look for Virtual Servers support in Rutherford, New York. Each of the servers needs to be booted and rebooted separately.

Now, to say about Private Cloud, we may call it as IaaS or VM. You can choose it as the best web hosting option. Within a very short period, this latest technology in the IT field has become much popular. FTP, SSH and lots of other services work on a variety of servers through these Cloud Solutions in New Jersey.

With a Private Cloud system, you will feel much safer as you will get a personal server. While any virus or malware attacks a shared cloud network, your server may stay away from any risk.

The way of setting up the servers-

While you are using VPS, there is one physical server, categorized among only a few users. In case of a shared computer server, you may get this type of setup. Lots of accounts can be found on one server. By finding out how many VPS accounts are available on a server, you may find the major difference. It is the virtualization system, which categorizes users. However, you will not get fully isolated or separated from other server users.

For private cloud solution, the resources get allocated across various servers, and while there is any hardware issue, migration to another server may be accomplished smoothly.

Which is more scalable option for you?

As one of the VPS users, you have to update the service with manual effort or use a ticket system to contact the provider. Administrative panel, with Private Cloud, is intended to help you with fastest deployment. With simple clicks, you may have your database and other essential resources.

Price level of two options-

For the VM or Private Cloud users, the price rate may be little higher as they have to deal with hardware parts, setup, installation and constant maintenance. You will be able to lower the cost only by considering a hosted Cloud solution. However, you may not have the chance of controlling this hosted Cloud in the best way. VPS is a more affordable option. So, while price rate is the major factor, you can choose VPS as the right solution.

In addition to all the above differences, you can find the variation in hardware location. VPS helps you with off-site hosting, while Private Cloud technology gives you the assistance with an on-site solution. However, for Cloud services and Virtual Servers support in Rutherford, New York, you have to consult with the professionals.

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Winter Eye Problems

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During the winter months, the weather and environment can really affect your eyes, and this can often be forgotten about. Here are some common eye problems people can suffer with during winter and tips on how to combat them.

Dry Eyes

During winter, the weather is colder and windier and this can really dry the eyes, but also when you try to warm up by using heat, such as a blower heater or central heating, this can also dry out the eyes. Some easy tips to help combat this problem is to use artificial tear drops to keep your eyes hydrated throughout the day, drinking plenty of water, and even warm soup, will keep your body and eyes hydrated. Also try to avoid direct heat, especially heat that is blowing directly in your face, like car heaters for example, try to direct the airflow away from your face. If it is a windy day you can use glasses or goggles to help protect your eyes from the wind directly drying out your eyes. If you already suffer from dry eyes it is always a good idea to speak to your ophthalmologist if you are struggling in the winter months, as they will advise what else you can do to keep on top of your dry eyes during winter.

Tearing Eyes

Apart from winter weather drying out your eyes, the cold weather can also make your eyes over produce tears which can be very annoying and can make vision blurry. The best thing to help with this is to wear glasses, goggles, or sunglasses when outside to avoid the wind causing watery eyes. Also, if you are wiping your eyes to get rid of the tears make sure you use clean tissues or cloths to avoid infection. Excessive tearing eyes can also be caused by other factors such as infection, blocked tear duct, or surprisingly dry eyes, so if you are concerned make an appointment with your eye clinic or opticians so they can check it out.

Tired Eyes

The winter months are darker and natural light is less which can make certain tasks more difficult, reading and writing for example. Straining your eyes to see in lower light can cause eyestrain making your eyes feel tired quicker than usual. To help avoid this try having a lamp on when carrying out close work and if you require glasses to see well, make sure you wear them to avoid overstraining your eyes.

Light Sensitive Eyes

The sun tends to be lower in the sky during winter and this can cause difficulty seeing, especially when driving, light sensitivity, and damage caused by UV rays. Try to make a habit of not only wearing sunglasses in the summer, but also the winter. If you drive, keep a spare pair of sunglasses in your car so you are always prepared for the low, bright sun. Sunglasses also protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays which can contribute to many eye issues, such as cataracts. Make sure your sunglasses are 100% UVA and UVB protected.

Red Eyes

Red eyes can be a sign of many things, such as tiredness, dryness, blurry vision, over tearing, infection, and inflammation. Winter weather can cause eye redness due to many of these factors but also it can be caused from the sunlight either directly or from being reflected on snow for example. This can lead to inflammation of the cornea causing the red eyesScience Articles, therefore this is another reason why wearing sunglasses or snow goggles is so important in winter.

How to Activate Microsoft Office 365 on a Brand New PC?

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You can download the Microsoft Office 365 from and then install it by following the on-screen instructions. Any software after downloading or installing is of no use, unless you activate it using the Microsoft Office product key. In most of the cases, Microsoft Office 365 activates automatically after you finish the installation. If you are not prompted for the same, you have to do this manually. Don’t get panic, this article will provide the complete information on how to do this.

Purchased a new PC and downloading all the essential software in it? How can you forget installing Microsoft Office? MS Office or Microsoft Office is the most used suite of applications, servers and services for both home and business PCs. Ranging from creating the documents, presentations, spreadsheets to sending emails; you can perform both simple and complex operations in it. When it comes to getting this software to your PC, three processes require to be followed. These are:


You can download the Microsoft Office 365 from and then install it by following the on-screen instructions. Any software after downloading or installing is of no use, unless you activate it using the Microsoft Office product key. In most of the cases, Microsoft Office 365 activates automatically after you finish the installation. If you are not prompted for the same, you have to do this manually. Don’t get panic, this article will provide the complete information on how to do this.

This can be done through Office activation wizard or you might be asked to log in to activate Office 365. For activating the Office 365 over the internet visit Activation Wizard at Microsoft website, follow the below mentioned instructions:

Choose “I want to activate the software over the internet and click Next
Follow the further instructions to complete the activation process
You might have purchased the Office that comes with a product key. A product key is a combination of 25 characters that needs to be entered after you install the MS Office. Explaining it further, run the Office setup and click next. It will then ask you for the 25 character product key. Enter the key and proceed further to activate the Microsoft Office. Remember, not all the MS Office versions ask you for the product key.


If you are still not able to activate the OfficeFind Article, you can contact Microsoft Support team. A certified technician will surely assist you in no time. You can also ask for help in the following cases:

If you are not able to find the product key
If the key gets damaged
If you want to change the product key
If the product key is not working


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G-Sensor when the gravity acceleration reaches 2g,4g,6g,8g (1g = 9.8m/sec^2), will automatically keep the images before and after the impact interval as undeletable file to preserve the evidence.

2.7" Colour Display Screen LCD TFT
GPS Logger
Cycle Recording function, adjust the time: 1/2/5 minutes
H.264 compressing technique, help save more capacity on your memory card
120 Degree Wide Angle Cameras
High Video Resolution: 1280x720P 30fps (Main Camera), Separated lens: 720x480P 25fps (Second Camera)
Image sensor: 5M CMOS Sensor
Photograph: JPG file format output 12M Pixels
HD TV output interface: HDMI sign output, be provided with resolution ratio reaches up to 1280*720P
G-Sensor when the gravity acceleration reaches 2g,4g,6g,8g (1g = 9.8m/sec^2), will automatically keep the images before and after the impact interval as undeletable file to preserve the evidence.
SOS Emergency Button acts as the same as G-Sensor when pressed
Built-In Microphone & Speaker
Built-In LED Light
Support up to 32G Micro SD Card ( not included)
Video output: Output of HDMI signal
White balance: Automatic/sunshine/cloudy day/fluorescent/incandescence light
Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Voltage DC 24V
Package Contents

Top 10 most popular destinations of the World

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As you all know that our world is full of beautiful and full of attraction, that here are many places to roam around.  From the best natural heritage places to the best architect structures here is everything for all peoples. Every destination is famous for its environment, uniqueness, climate, the most important thing the culture different country has different language and culture which attracts tourist towards that place.

As you all know that our world is full of beautiful and full of attraction, that here are many places to roam around.  From the best natural heritage places to the best architect structures here is everything for all peoples. Every destination is famous for its environment, uniqueness, climate, the most important thing the culture different country has different language and culture which attracts tourist towards that place.

If you are a history lover then you can go countries like Italy, Egypt, India to best historical knowledge. If you are a sports lover there are lots of places to an adventurous sport like hill climbing, rafting, many bungee jumping and many more things to do. You just need to plan a big tour and move around the world to capture best memories of life.

Here I am going to share some most popular destinations of the world where you can go and enjoy with your family and friends.

Bangkok: - Bangkok is the capital and the most beautiful city in Thailand. It becomes the first Asian city to get the top on the Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index. In 2013 this city breaks all records that 15.98 million visitors visit here.  If you are looking for some best destinations in the World, then-then this city is the best choice.

London: - London is a is the city of England, which is famous for its surroundings, for shopping and museums. London eye is one of the most famous things in this city located in the edge of River Thames. This city was ranked No. 1 as here was 15.96 visitors visit last year.

Singapore: - This is another Asian city which is famous for its tourism activities, Located in the Asia-Pacific region and has many locations to roam. If you are an adventure lover then, here you can find best locations for bungee jumping, lots of water sports activities, etc. Just visit here with your family and friends you will find yourself in heaven.

New York: -New York is the first capital of the United States. The only one city in the top 10 list from America for international tourists. Famous for its historical monuments. Statue of Liberty is also situated here. You can see large buildings here, and if you are a shopping lover then this is the best choice to visit for.

Dubai: - The one and only Middle East destination in the top 10 destinations of the world. Near about 9.89 million visitors go there every year. Dubai is mainly known for its beauty.Burj Khalifa, the World’s largest building is situated here and one Island, which is built on the sea in the shape of the Palm tree, named as Palm Island is very well known places to visit here.

Kuala Lumpur: - Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malasia, linked with Asia and the Middle East. This City is famous for its buildings and restaurants. Most well-known buildings Called Skyline is also situated here.

Hong Kong: - Hong Kong is the city of China, very well known for its nature and water sports. The ferry crossing is the most famous place here. When you will visit Hong Kong don’t forget to take rides on the Ferry.

Barcelona: - Barcelona is the only city in Spain which helps this country to survive economically. As this city is most famous for its FIFA grounds and many famous  FIFA players are from Barcelona. Many visitors from all around the world visit there. Most Visitors are from London, ParisArticle Search, Frankfurt and Munich.


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The choice of people to prefer savings accounts over other investment options is also due to the fact the savings accounts are one of the most liquid investment outside of demand accounts and cash. The savings accounts not only give you an opportunity to save your money for future use but also make it very easy to access your funds while this is not the case when it comes to cashing the bonds, stocks and other investments.

These days, many people are looking for various investment options to get maximum returns on the money that they don’t intend to use in near future. Having said that, a majority of people still consider the money into their savings accounts as the safest investment option, thanks to the risk that comes with other investment options such as stocks, mutual funds etc. By and large, these people are quite satisfied with the modest interest rates of 4% to 6% offered by the PSU banks and private sector banks, respectively.

Are you looking to invest the money of your savings account?

If you are looking to invest the money of your savings accounts then you are obviously unaware of the fact that the money of your savings accounts is already an investment. Here is how: In simple terms, an investment is just putting aside a specific amount of money for future use with the hopes of getting a return on that money. Whether it is stocks or real estate, you can invest in anything that can give you a higher return on your money in future.  Generally, you have to consider three important factors while making an investment.

Here is a brief account of each factor.
1) Rate of Return
2) Risk Involved
3) Liquidity

Rate of Return

The amount of return on your money that you can reasonably expect with your investment is the first thing that you generally consider while choosing an investment option. For example, over a long term, a reasonable rate of return on an investment in stock market is 7%, whereas the rate of return from keeping your money into your savings accounts is 3%-6% currently.  

Risk Involved

The risk involved with a return on an investment is another key factor that influences your decision to make an investment into a particular asset. When it comes to stock market, there is a high amount of risk involved, especially for the short term investment. So, if you want to invest your money into stocks for a short time period, you are most likely to lose a major amount of money that you have invested. However, if you put that money into a savings account, you will surely get 3%-6% interest on the amount that you have maintained for a period.


The liquidity of your investment is also an important factor that you often consider while making an investment.  In simple terms, liquidity refers to easy access of your funds when required. When you choose to keep your money into your savings accounts, you have the option to take out your funds whenever you need through an ATM or online funds transfer facility of NEFT & RTGS, whereas in stocks, you have to first contact a broker, who will charge commission to sell your shares.  When it comes to cash deposits, you have to incur losses for cashing out early whereas in real estate, you first need to find a buyer.

As you can notice, keeping your money into a savings account meets all the aforesaid requirements of a good investment. There is no risk involved with the savings account. Also, it ensures you a decent return on your money with the facility to withdraw it according to your own convenience.  
There are many other investments options which are as good as keeping your money into your savings accounts. For example, Money Market Funds, Banks Fixed Deposits, Bonds, Debentures, Mutual Funds etc. Now you might be thinking that which one of these is the best for investment.

Here are a few simple rules of thumb to compare different investment options.

If you need the money in a short time period, you should go for an investment that comes with less risk. For example, if you are saving for your retirements, you can afford a big amount of risk but you are saving to buy a car in a couple of years, you can afford some amount of risk. However, if you are saving to buy a motorbike or a large household appliance, you can’t afford any risk at all.

If you need the invested money quickly then always choose an investment asset which is quite liquid. There is no point in investing your emergency funds into stocks, fixed deposits or real estate because these investments are especially for a long term; hence they aren’t a good option if you need the invested money quickly. If you need a certain amount at a specific time then you are highly recommended to cut down the risk factor and focus on raising contributions. For example, if you need rupees four lakhs for your marriage, a home renovation, or any else, then investing that amount into a risky investment is not a wise decision at all because that risk can rob you from your hard earned money. So keeping that amount into your savings account for a lower rate of return is a prudent choice as it comes with no risk and also gives you an opportunity to increase savings.

While the rate of return is big factor in choosing an investment asset, you should never undermine the importance of liquidity and risk involved in a particular investment. Always consider all these three rules of thumb while choosing an investment asset and go for the one which offers you best rate of return for your money with minimum risk and maximum liquidity. The savings accounts meet all parameters of a good investment. Hence they are the perfect investment choice.

Private Bank Saving Account VS Public Bank Saving Account

Making a choice between the private or public sector banks depends on two factors: The interest rates offered by the bank and Minimum Balance Requirement for the Savings Account. If you want more interest on your balance then you should open savings account in a private banks because they offers an interest rate of upto 6% provided you maintain the minimum balance required.

The minimum account balance that you need to maintain in a private bank’s savings account ranges from 5 to 10 thousand and you are entitled for the interest only if you maintain the minimum balance in your account throughout the financial year. Keep in mind that the non-maintenance of minimum account attracts financial penalties in a private bank so open a savings accounts in a private banks only if you can meet their minimum balance requirement.

If you can’t meet the minimum balance requirements in a private bank then you can open a savings banks account in a public sector banks whose minimum balance requirement is quite less in comparison to private banks.

In public sector banks, you just need to maintain a balance of 1 or 2 thousand rupees to earn the interest rate of upto 4%.

Mr. Pawan Jangir can also help you in opening a no frills (zero balance) Savings Accounts in Adarsh Credit Cooperative Society. To know more about Mr. Pawan JangirScience Articles, please visit his website:

How to Expand Your Business with Custom Web Application Development

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This article will explaing you how custom web application development will help you to expand your business across the globe.

Leverage Technology for Business Expansion

Information Technology, Communication Networks, and mobile devices have become ubiquitous, and modern businesses require the World Wide Web like fish needs water. Leveraging technology for business expansion has many advantages, and online businesses or e-commerce sites can ensure quick returns on investment.

Irrespective of the size of your business, you can hire competent web application development services to build custom web sites, mobile apps, or specific software for business processes. Proprietary or off the shelf software may seem like a cheap alternative, but the overhead costs, lack of competitive advantage, and generic nature are a big drawback. Custom built web apps, on the other hand, are highly suited for a growing business organization with ambitious targets.        

What is a Custom Web Application?

A custom web application is a specially designed software that is installed on web servers. The clients or customers use a web browser to access the web application either for information or for conducting a business transaction. The application is developed for different types of platforms and clients require both internet connection and a mobile device or computer for accessing the web site or custom built app.

Advantages of Custom Web Applications

Custom web applications have to be designed and deployed in a planned or phased manner to provide the following advantages-

The software provides the "best fit" solutions for the specific business needs of the company in a precise fashion.
Automation not only reduces the workload of employees, but also has the potential for generating recurring revenues.
The expansion plans of the business can be integrated into the blueprint during the software design stage itself.
The long term business objectives can be achieved with the help of competitive edge and very little overhead costs.
See Also: Important aspects to make web app design and development successful

Types of Custom Web Applications

Nowadays, Intelligent, accurate, and responsive web applications can be custom built for various types of businesses in short periods of time. Advanced Software technologies, Integrated Development Environments (IDE) and Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools make this possible.

Professional application developers with core competency in custom software solutions provide the following custom web applications -

E- Commerce Sites
An e-commerce site, also known as an online store, is a website where businesses can display and sell their products and services. The customers can browse the products, place and track an order, and make secure online payments on the site. The different types of e-commerce sites include the following -

B2B - Business to business transactions
B2C - Business to consumer transactions
C2C - Consumer to consumer transactions
C2B - Consumer to business transactions
      2. Business Process Automation

Complex and simple business processes including data manipulation, record keeping, payroll, order placement, inventory management, shipping, purchasing, billing, project management, etc., can be automated for efficiency and profits.

      3. Mobile Apps

Attractive, informativeHealth Fitness Articles, and interactive mobile apps can be launched with publicity to create or build online brand reputation. Popular apps attract the attention of global mobile users and assist in business expansion by driving up the sales and subscriptions in a very short period of time.


Computer Eye Strain & Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

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Meibomian gland dysfunction, or MGD, can be caused by many factors and one of these is from computer eye strain. Luckily, taking some small steps in how you use a computer or other devices can help the symptoms. In this article, I will go through what computer eye strain is, how it can cause MGD and what you can do to help it.

Computer Eye Strain; What Is It?

Computer eye strain is caused when you overuse your eyes and they become fatigued. Eye strain can occur when looking at a computer screen, or other device, for too long. Normally resting your eyes can help relieve the symptoms of computer eye strain. Symptoms of computer eye strain can include; headaches, difficulty focusing, dry eyes, watery eyes, eye discomfort, blurred vision, itchy eyes, and tired eyes.

Computer Eye Strain; How Does It Cause Meibomian Gland Dysfunction?

The meibomian glands are the tiny glands on the lower and upper eye lid margins that secrete oil, which when we blink, protection the surface of the eye. This oil helps keep the water element of your tears from drying out too quickly. Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) is a very common type of dry eye disease where the meibomian glands do not secrete enough oil or the quality of the oil is not good. Normally in MGD the glands get blocked and very little oil, if any, can get out and this causes the eye symptoms. Computer eye strain can cause MGD due to a reduction in blinking. Most people when using a computer or similar device do not blink as often as they should, this can be up to 60% less blinking than when not looking at a computer. If your blink rate is reduced, the oils will not be secreted as often which means the watery element in your tears evaporates quicker, drying out your eyes. Overtime this can cause the glands to block leading to meibomian gland dysfunction.

Treatment for Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

There are many different types of treatment that can help MGD sufferers and what suits one person may not suit another. If MGD has been linked to computer eye strain, then looking at the way you use a computer is a good place to start. Trying to reduce the time in front of a computer can be difficult, especially if you use a computer for work, but remembering to blink and keeping hydrated will help. Also try to follow the 20-20-20 rule; every 20 minutes’ look 20 feet away from your screen for 20 seconds. MGD sufferers will likely need to combine this with other ‘at home’ treatments, such as heated eye masks, eye lid massaging, artificial tear drops, taking omega 3 supplements, and possibly taking other medication. There are other treatments that can be offered with an ophthalmologist or eye clinic that have great results in helping with MGD when used in conjunction with the ‘at home’ treatments;

E-Eye Intense Regulated Pulsed Light (IRPL) – The E-Eye device creates polychromatic pulsed light using the new IRPL (intense regulated pulsed light) technology. The E-Eye releases a flash of light that is made up of a pulse train, which is flashed on the treatment area (cheekbone and temple area around the eye). Within this treatment area nerve branches are located and these nerve branches are connected to meibomian gland nerves. When these nerve branches are flashed with the E-Eye (IRPL) it causes a stimulatory response within the meibomian glands and they start to resume secretion of the normal oil layer again and symptoms of eye dryness will disappear. Accordingly, it will be effective in 80% of patients affected by dry eye disease. From a single flash of IRPL it is possible to produce sub-flashes of varying intensities, this offers unparalleled therapeutic potentials, especially with the treatment of MGD, which is impossible with conventional IPL. The E-Eye emits a ‘cold light’ and it is non-invasive, totally painlessHealth Fitness Articles, and entirely harmless to the eyeball.

MiBo Thermoflo – this is a therapeutic treatment to help relieve the suffering of MGD. MiBo Thermoflo works by gently heating and massaging the outer eye lids. MiBo Thermoflo delivers continuous controlled heat to the outer eye lid skin combined with ultrasound gel for a gentle massage. As the heat is deeply absorbed into the tissue it breaks down hardened oils in the meibomian glands. With a prescribed therapy plan the meibomian glands will release thinner and clearer oils which makes for a healthier tear film. MiBo Thermoflo is followed by gentle manual expression of the meibomian glands.

Natural Weight Loss Remedies To Reduce Belly Fat In An Easy Manner

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InstaSlim capsules are the best natural weight loss remedies to reduce belly fat and improve overall well-being safely.

We are living in dangerous times right now. Well, health wise. With the kind of marketing and publicity that junk food brands and fast-food chains do, it is impossible for people to ignore them. And the worst part is that kids and youngsters get addicted to these foods almost instantly, causing problems of obesity. Indeed, obesity is a worldwide problem that poses many health threats to people of all age groups. It is not just about you being fat, but also about you being unhealthy with cholesterol problems leading to heart problems, weakness, fatigue and so much more.

It is time for people to realize that maintaining their health is the key to leading a good life. Not many people realize that not eating the right kinds of food even has severe effects on one's mental health and only increases problems like depression, anxiety, stress etc.

So what does one do?

Thankfully, there are answers around in the form of natural weight loss remedies that come in handy. Think of your body as a chute where you have been putting only junk food for a long time. Now, it is time cleanse it thoroughly and make it fresh all over again. Natural remedies to reduce belly fat and combat obesity come in handy in this process, and help you to detox and cleanse the body. You achieve the correct hormonal balances again and are able to start leading a happier and healthier life. Capsules such as InstaSlim help to achieve the correct metabolism rate, so that your body utilizes the food consumed in a proper manner. This ensures that the right nutrients stay and the harmful elements are flushed out on a regular basis. With an improved metabolism, your hunger and appetite also get regulated. You automatically stop binge eating and start to eat your meals at the right intervals and in the correct quantities.

While natural weight loss remedies such as InstaSlim take at least 12 to 16 weeks to show results, one can be assured of the fact that these are absolutely safe for consumption and guarantee results. This is because they consist of powerful herbs and natural substances that eradicate the problem from the roots and give long-lasting results. The capsules aim towards overall health and wellness of the body.

As opposed to chemical-based medicines and remedies, natural remedies to reduce belly fat do not cause side effects like sleeplessness, anger issues, irritation, skin allergies etc. You will, in fact, experience a healthy change in your body where your energy levels will be better and you will be able to focus better on work.

Experts suggest that natural remedies are perhaps the best way to help the body achieve its natural equilibrium again. Artificial substances only mess up with the body, whereas natural substances blend with the body's natural functioning and systems. In other words, herbal and natural remedies only improve the body's systems without any kinds of hindrances. So if you want to reduce belly fat in a safe and painless mannerComputer Technology Articles, herbal remedies are definitely worth a try.

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Happy Fathers Day Quotes

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Father’s Day is the best Day to express your feelings and relational bonding with your Father. It is the great opportunity to share our opinions on Father’s Day.  An excellent time for all the children to wish with best greetings for our Dad on this Happy Fathers Day 2017.

Father’s day is an auspicious occasion for honoring our Dad. This Fathers Day has taken a lot of importance in celebration. For every family, he is leading role in guiding the family and one of the people making his family proud in the society. Fathers are the individuals who have to bare all kinds of responsibilities both in the family and community. He is the central pillar for the family and the most precious gift given by God.

A member of Lions Club International named Harry C. Meek had come up with an idea of the celebration of father’s day in the year 1915. However, in the early days, it is celebrated only in Catholic Europe. Later it moved to Americas, Spanish, Portuguese and it became an international celebration all over the World. Every year it became a tradition to celebrate on third Sunday of June, and now this year (2017) it is celebrated on June 18.

Dad is the boon given by the God, and he will be the first hero of a son and best friend of Daughter. He is the principal architect for every child in designing his character. Children just follow their father and the same will be their character when they became grownups. He will be the role model for the children if he goes with right values.

There are many ideas in honoring your father to make him happy with your wishes for your Dad. You may give many gifts to your dad on this special Day.

An everlasting gift to the father is nothing but the success of his children in their life. Father itself mostly enjoys the success of his son/daughter. He will guide his children in choosing the right path of their career which will lead to success roads. Father is the only person who will be giving all kind of support till his death for his children. He will guide in leading personal and professional life.

There are some ideas to make your Father’s Day weekend very special. Inspirational Fathers Day Quotes with best Fathers Day images which you can send your dad in advance. Happy Fathers Day messages with father’s day pictures are one of the ideas which you can send your wishes to your Father.

The Holy Bible had given a lot of importance to the father. It guided the parents and children. It mentions how a father should behave with his children and vice versa. If you want to send religious father’s Day sayings, we have picked up the best Fathers Day Bible verses to send your dad on this 2017 father’s day.

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Kun Khmer Champion, Khim Dima Vs Chhai Sara, CNC boxing, 24 June 2017, Red Bull Champion Final

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Michigan Birth Records Free Search

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Also recognized as the Wolverine State, Michigan is now home to more than 9 million people. With such number of residents, one can simply imagine the total volume of Michigan Birth Records and other v...

Also recognized as the Wolverine State, Michigan is now home to more than 9 million people. With such number of residents, one can simply imagine the total volume of Michigan Birth Records and other vital files that the state produces everyday. Nevertheless, that shouldn’t dissuade anyone from trying to find a certain document in this region. As long as you have the needed details and the right skill set, you’ll surely get what you want.

A birth record is an important paper that documents the birth of a person. It can be either the original document or a certified copy of or representation of the original account of birth. Most countries have various laws that control the registration of births. In most cases, it is the duty of the mother’s physician, midwife, hospital administrator or the parents of the child to make sure that the birth is correctly registered with the right government agency.

In the state of Michigan, it is the Vital Records Office that maintains files on births dated since 1867. Take note, though, that you must be one of the following in order to obtain birth certificates less than 100 years: the individual named on the file, the legal guardian or representative or heirs, if the subject is deceased.

For a productive search, it’s a huge help to enter as much information as you can about the person you’re looking for. Complete your order form with the subject’s full name, date and place of birth, mother’s maiden name and the father’s name. Some pre-1906 files can only be found through the County Clerk for the county where the individual was born, specifically those that were not filed with the state. A small admin fee is normally demanded per file copy requested.

If the above-mentioned pieces of information are unknown to you, a couple of things can be done. For one, you may inquire relatives or friends if they know anything regarding the person whose file you’re seeking for. You may also visit old homes to check if there are old neighbors who can answer your questions. For an adopted child, you can turn to the agency that assisted in your adoption and find out if they could give you any data.

At the present time, people hunt for Free Birth Records for different purposes. The good news now is that a searcher can just stay at home and obtain the information he or she longs to have by making the most of the Internet. With an online computer, you merely have to choose a search site that’s suitable to all your needs and pay a nominal fee. Within minutesFeature Articles, results are delivered right infront of you.

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Outsourcing you Mobile App Development

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Outsourcing your mobile app development is a decision that must be informed by the project requirement and company goals.

Many organizations choose to outsource their mobile app development rather than employing an in-house team. There are specific things that must be considered with each avenue and the associated pros and cons. During the vendor selection process, companies usually find many options available to them. Let’s study what they are:

Big App Development Firms: These companies are the branches of MNC’s; they offer mobile app development as a secondary service to clients who are indulged in other core activities with them. Their typical strengths include consultation, product strategy, development capabilities, and technical expertise.

The biggest disadvantage of hiring them is they might be expensive, irresponsible and less attentive if compared to smaller firms.

Boutique Mobile App Development Firms: The companies that fall in this category specifically focus on mobile app development. These firms employ agile development methodology, emphasize on UX/ UI design and have strong technical capabilities and platform knowledge. The employees of these companies have the specific technical expertise, definite experience and ability to handle project complexity. So, depending on your business needs and project requirement you may research on vendor’s previous clients and projects, technologies they use, location, team size and complexity of projects that they have delivered.

Independent Developers: Independent developers are the ones who have strong technical skills. Most of them work for companies that build mobile products but do freelancing as a side job. Hiring their service is cheaper than the alternate options. HoweverFind Article, you might find few gaps that can affect the overall quality of the mobile app.

Offshore Firms: The decision to outsource your mobile app development to an offshore company is usually done keeping budget strain in mind. The firms are cheaper but it can be accompanied with few limitations if not handled properly due to communication gap.

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Expert Academic Writers In Australia

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Academic writing task is very important in the present era in the life of a student. The students are provided academic writing task in the form of homework, assignment, essay etc. They often feel bur...

Academic writing task is very important in the present era in the life of a student. The students are provided academic writing task in the form of homework, assignment, essay etc. They often feel burdened when they are assigned such tasks. The successful completion of assigned task is not the only problem but the submission of task before the deadline also places heavy burden on the shoulder of students. There are many difficulties that the students face while they try to work upon the assigned task. Some of the major difficulties includes: lack of subjective knowledge, improper writing skills, lack of vocabulary, lack of quality content, improper use of language, grammar and spelling mistakes, time management, procrastinating attitude and many more. Under such pressure, students seek external help which is best provided by expert writers Australia.

Expert writers Australia is an online platform that provide assistance to the students with regard to their homework help, assignment help, essay writing, letter writing, project help, article writing, research paper writing, report writing, dissertation writing and all sort of other academic writing tasks. The experts available at expert writers Australia are pro in the field of writing different types of academic writing tasks. They do the writing task so efficiently that the solution is completely error free. They keep a keen check on the quality of the solution. The promising services provided by experts make it sure that the students get the best possible solution.

The indelible services provided by expert writers Australia includes: writing services provided by experienced and professional writers, 24*7 online assistance is provided to the students from around the world so that they can contact whenever they want, timely delivery of solutions is provided to the students so that they are able to submit the solution on time, on time clarification is provided to the students by experts whenever they are in doubt, adherence to quality, original content written exclusively for the students, the solution provided to the students is 100% plagiarism free and many more.

Thus, expert writers AustraliaFree Web Content, through their impeccable services are able to provide the best writing solutions to the students from all over the world.

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