Outsourcing you Mobile App Development

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Outsourcing your mobile app development is a decision that must be informed by the project requirement and company goals.

Many organizations choose to outsource their mobile app development rather than employing an in-house team. There are specific things that must be considered with each avenue and the associated pros and cons. During the vendor selection process, companies usually find many options available to them. Let’s study what they are:

Big App Development Firms: These companies are the branches of MNC’s; they offer mobile app development as a secondary service to clients who are indulged in other core activities with them. Their typical strengths include consultation, product strategy, development capabilities, and technical expertise.

The biggest disadvantage of hiring them is they might be expensive, irresponsible and less attentive if compared to smaller firms.

Boutique Mobile App Development Firms: The companies that fall in this category specifically focus on mobile app development. These firms employ agile development methodology, emphasize on UX/ UI design and have strong technical capabilities and platform knowledge. The employees of these companies have the specific technical expertise, definite experience and ability to handle project complexity. So, depending on your business needs and project requirement you may research on vendor’s previous clients and projects, technologies they use, location, team size and complexity of projects that they have delivered.

Independent Developers: Independent developers are the ones who have strong technical skills. Most of them work for companies that build mobile products but do freelancing as a side job. Hiring their service is cheaper than the alternate options. HoweverFind Article, you might find few gaps that can affect the overall quality of the mobile app.

Offshore Firms: The decision to outsource your mobile app development to an offshore company is usually done keeping budget strain in mind. The firms are cheaper but it can be accompanied with few limitations if not handled properly due to communication gap.

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