How to Expand Your Business with Custom Web Application Development

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This article will explaing you how custom web application development will help you to expand your business across the globe.

Leverage Technology for Business Expansion

Information Technology, Communication Networks, and mobile devices have become ubiquitous, and modern businesses require the World Wide Web like fish needs water. Leveraging technology for business expansion has many advantages, and online businesses or e-commerce sites can ensure quick returns on investment.

Irrespective of the size of your business, you can hire competent web application development services to build custom web sites, mobile apps, or specific software for business processes. Proprietary or off the shelf software may seem like a cheap alternative, but the overhead costs, lack of competitive advantage, and generic nature are a big drawback. Custom built web apps, on the other hand, are highly suited for a growing business organization with ambitious targets.        

What is a Custom Web Application?

A custom web application is a specially designed software that is installed on web servers. The clients or customers use a web browser to access the web application either for information or for conducting a business transaction. The application is developed for different types of platforms and clients require both internet connection and a mobile device or computer for accessing the web site or custom built app.

Advantages of Custom Web Applications

Custom web applications have to be designed and deployed in a planned or phased manner to provide the following advantages-

The software provides the "best fit" solutions for the specific business needs of the company in a precise fashion.
Automation not only reduces the workload of employees, but also has the potential for generating recurring revenues.
The expansion plans of the business can be integrated into the blueprint during the software design stage itself.
The long term business objectives can be achieved with the help of competitive edge and very little overhead costs.
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Types of Custom Web Applications

Nowadays, Intelligent, accurate, and responsive web applications can be custom built for various types of businesses in short periods of time. Advanced Software technologies, Integrated Development Environments (IDE) and Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools make this possible.

Professional application developers with core competency in custom software solutions provide the following custom web applications -

E- Commerce Sites
An e-commerce site, also known as an online store, is a website where businesses can display and sell their products and services. The customers can browse the products, place and track an order, and make secure online payments on the site. The different types of e-commerce sites include the following -

B2B - Business to business transactions
B2C - Business to consumer transactions
C2C - Consumer to consumer transactions
C2B - Consumer to business transactions
      2. Business Process Automation

Complex and simple business processes including data manipulation, record keeping, payroll, order placement, inventory management, shipping, purchasing, billing, project management, etc., can be automated for efficiency and profits.

      3. Mobile Apps

Attractive, informativeHealth Fitness Articles, and interactive mobile apps can be launched with publicity to create or build online brand reputation. Popular apps attract the attention of global mobile users and assist in business expansion by driving up the sales and subscriptions in a very short period of time.


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